High Performing Work Team Analysis

High Performing Work Team Analysis

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. It gives you an opportunity to analyze a tool used to assess the performance of a team. You must complete this assignment individually, without contacting other students, and you may not use a paper or any part of a paper from a previous class or from another person or an online source. If you have any questions about this assignment, please post them in the Ask the Professor discussion forum so that everyone can benefit from the answers. The assignment addresses Course Objectives 3, 4 and 5. 

Organizations often use surveys or questionnaires to obtain information regarding employee satisfaction, organizational issues impacting staff performance, and perceptions of pay and benefits, organizational culture, etc. Sometimes, questionnaires are used in classes for staff development and focus on behavioral styles, conflict styles, or team behaviors. Additionally, surveys may be used to help intact teams or departments focus on and resolve team differences or performance issues.  Many times, the questions themselves provide people with insight into what the organization expects from its employees.

The Scenario

You are the leader of a cross-functional team that has not been performing well. You are not sure what’s causing the problems, but you know that the team cannot continue this way. You have contacted the Human Resources (HR) department for help and they suggested using the High Performing Work Teams Survey as a tool to diagnose problems within the team. Every team member will complete the survey anonymously. The HR department will analyze the results and will work with you to develop a plan to address issues.

Your Task

Read the questions in the High Performing Work Teams Survey. The survey follows these instructions. You will analyze the questions, identify trends you see in the questions, and discuss what you and the members of your team could learn by taking this survey.

Write 4-7 pages (not counting the cover or reference pages), summarizing the trends you identified, describing what you and your team members could learn from taking the survey, and discussing your conclusions about what is required of team members in order to create a high performing work team.  Support your opinions and statements with a minimum of five references from sources published within the last ten years.

You can cite scholarly and practitioner-oriented journals, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, (but not Wikipedia, vendor websites, or other non-academic sources.)  Please use the UMUC library to search for appropriate sources rather than Google or other search engines. Librarians are available by phone, email, and chat; they are excellent at their jobs and they love to help students. See the Library link in the Resources section (on the ribbon at the top of our classroom) or go directly to https://sites.umuc.edu/library/index.cfm for more information and to begin searching for sources.  You can also consult a graduate writing tutor for help with organizing your ideas, presenting them clearly, and complying with APA style requirements.. You can access tutors through the Writing Tutoring module in our classroom.

Use APA format for citations, references, and quotations.  This means your list of references should start on a separate page, and should be double spaced, with a hanging indent and no spaces between entries.  Your analysis should be 4-7 pages (not counting the cover or reference pages), double spaced with one inch margins and a font size of at least 11 points. Criteria for Grading High Performing Work Team Analysis are attached to this document (they follow the High Performing Work Teams Survey). The criteria give details on how your analysis will be graded. Keep in mind that most organizations value efficient communication; busy managers don’t have time – and most don’t have the desire – to read long reports. Keep your writing clear and concise.

Please add the following statement to the cover of your paper:

This paper is my own work that I created specifically for this course and this section. All research or material I used in preparing this paper has been properly acknowledged within the assignment in accordance with academic standards for complete and accurate citation of sources.

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