Prepare a 10-page Research paper on one of the following topics:


Select the company from the Fortune 500 –

Prepare a 10-page Research paper on one of the following topics:

  • Changing Organizational Priorities that change scope of projects
  • Change Management impact on Projects and/or Change management impact on operations management
  • Lack of accountability on project requirements
  • Unrealistic deadlines for project completion
  • Relationship of project to strategy of the business


  • Relate your paper to a specific project or initiative (this can be a past or future project at your organization, a past project from another company or a future project you wish to undertake). In review of all of the aspects of Project Management what one area do you believe will be your biggest challenge? Explain for the project chosen, explain, analyze, synthesize, and summarize the impact that the application of operations management will have. Provide examples of specific projects or operations failures for the chosen company, and relate how this conforms or deviates from effective project management standards/theory.
  • Research Paper will be in APA format
  • Research papers will be 10- pages in content length (not including cover and reference page)
  • Research paper will have a minimum of 10 quality peer-reviewed references in APA format including intext citations.


FYI, it doesn’t have to be *just* a Fortune 500 company, it can be a previous employer or even a current one as well, whether they are a Fortune 500 or not. You can analyze and discuss a project or standard operating procedures that you witnessed or went through there, discuss the specs, challenges, risks, failures, aspects that went well, etc. If you’d like you can do some comparing to your current/proposed project you’ve been working throughout the term as well…but I’m most interested in seeing you analyze and breakdown a project of some sort. Be sure to tie the discussion back to content, concepts, and theoretical frameworks that we have discussed throughout the term.

Now, you can also analyze a company that you’ve never worked with. A great place to look for an example is in our current textbook. Beginning in Part Six (page 433), it is all case studies. This would be a great place to find an organization, get the details on a project/operational dilemma, and be in a position to analyze the material in more detail. Of course, you can use some additional research, like looking at the organization’s website and other Internet searches for background info on the company as a whole…but those case studies will provide a great deal of info for you in regard to the content we’re discussing.


Schroeder, R., Goldsetien, S. & Rungtusanatham, J. (2010). Operations Management: Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Case, 6th edition. ISBN:978-0073525242

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