Use your Needs assessment results to:

Module 6

Use your Needs assessment results to:

· Develop 3-5 learning objectives for your selected business/organization.

· Determine how each objective will be measured.

· Identify critical content needed for learners to meet each objective.

· Organize and sequence content into units, modules, chapters, sessions or topics.


Outcome   1:


Outcome   2:


Outcome   3:


Outcome   4:


Outcome   5:

Module 8:

Take the opportunity to reflect on the instructional design blueprint you have created for your selected business or organization. In a well-written response of 600-900 words in length, in conformity CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA, and supported by two to three sources, address the following questions:

  • How      effective do you believe your design will be and why?
  • What      questions or concerns do you anticipate the business or organization might      have with regard to your design?
  • What      is your favorite aspect of your design and why?
  • Are      there areas in which you believe you need more practice or more      information? How can you continue      to improve your skills and understanding?


Professional   Reflection:  (SEE ATTACHMENT)

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