Raising Awareness about Diversity in the Workplace

Final Project Dr. Hayat Habahb

Outline MHRM 512

Raising Awareness about Diversity in the Workplace

A Training Program Introduced to Managers


Workforce diversity, and its benefits to organizations, has become significant to the business world for many years (Anderson & Metcalf, 2003). Managing diversity includes recognizing the value of all employees and making employment decisions based on objective, job-related criteria rather than personal characteristics of the individual. Creating an environment where diverse talent can flourish will enable organizations to maximize their HR, and enhance their competitive position. Managing diversity is a way that an organization expresses its values, beliefs, and needs to influence the attitudes and behavior of all employees (Pilbeam & Corbridge, 2010).


The aim of this project is to help students learn how to link theory and practice to business performance. For this course, it means how to transform the learned HR theoretical concepts, and the HR policies/practices into a real-life organization.


The program is a learning program rather than training or development program thus, can be introduced to both managers and employees.

Learning is a process leading to increased adaptive capacity associated with skills, knowledge and understanding, values, and attitudes (Pilbeam & Corbridge, 2010).

Project Scenario:

You have been awarded for a challenging and rewarding role in the HR Department that will allow you to utilize your experience and skills as a trainer in your organization. The new role was added to your responsibilities for identifying, planning and executing needs for training, performance, educational programs; while locating and recommending available resources to attain organizations objectives and enhance employee development.




Your Task:

To improve the representation of women at all levels of the organization, and integrate people by driving talent acquisition and management practices to achieve expected results.

To promote Workplace Diversity through Employee, you want to empower and educate managers to be aware of, and understand how to support their employees to foster a diverse workforce.

To raise awareness about the diversity in the workforce and how to deal with it, you want to avoid the traditional methods of the HR workshops and come up with more creative and innovative way/method in managing diversification.

BUT Remember that Creating workplace diversity policies is not enough. Clear communication and follow-through are necessary to ensure the policies are effective and reliable. Employees should feel comfortable coming to their managers with any concerns, especially about their treatment in the company due to their gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age, or other factors. Managers should feel confident in their internal communication with employees by avoiding making any assumptions and using inclusive language, and this is a great initial way for managers to set up open and respectful internal communication channels.


Project Assignments:

1. Critically recognize how diversity is managed in your organization. Write your comment on its coverage and on any guidelines for implementation. (i,e. identify the problem)

2. Design a one-day training session for managers on their responsibilities under raising-up awareness about diversity among employees.

3. What will you include in this session?



To create the training event, collect information by answering the following questions:

• What organizational needs are driving the training request?

• Does providing training help?

• How can your program help in changing the participants’ attitudes and behaviors?

• Who will be affected by the training?

• What can the organization expect as a return of program?

• How you will measure the results?




Report Layout:

1. Title Page including students’ names (1 page).

2. Table of Content (1 page).

3. The organization’s profile (1-2 pages)—This will depend on the length of the organization’s profile as it must include the type of the business, vision, mission, and, and goals or values.

4. Program Objective/s the targeted employees’ (1 page).

5. Specify the area/s of improvement according to the need assessment (1 page).

6. Design an invitation to the training session, and include CV of the trainer in brief (2 page).

7. Provide training location and schedule (1 page).

8. The training content (2 pages). This must include the definition of diversity and your own perspective of how it will be managed effectively in your organization.

9. Conclusion and Recommendations supported by researched evidences or HRM theories

(1 page)

10. Provide References (1 page).



· Divide yourselves into groups in which each group consists of 4 members to the maximum.

· Provide at least 4 References

· Plagiarism is forbidden

· Use your own words and have your own thoughts!

Due Date for Submission:

Wednesday, Dec., 2nd ,2020

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