Identify the goals, elements, and overall scope of an implementation plan most likely to garner leadership support.

  • Identify the goals, elements, and overall scope of an implementation plan most likely to garner leadership support.
    • What are the key factors having potential effects on outcomes?
    • What principles of effective change leadership would you apply to the development of your implementation strategy?
  • Analyze elements critical to the effective use of the proposed technology.
    • Consider the resource requirements to implement the plan.
    • Consider the influence of end users and other stakeholders on successful implementation.
    • Include any evidence you have to support your analysis.
  • Make data-driven decisions.
    • Collect appropriate and accurate data to generate evidence for nursing practice improvement.
    • Include the outcome measures that will provide evidence of successful implementation.
    • Assess the value and utility of particular evaluation tools in measuring the impact of the new or upgraded technology on outcomes.
  • Articulate steps for evaluating and resolving potential ethical and legal issues associated with technology implementation.
    • Are there clear cause-and-effect relationships among organizational functions, processes, and ethical and legal behaviors?
    • What are the ethical and legal implications of evaluating safety and quality outcomes associated with the change?
    • How can nurse leaders guide and support interprofessional care teams as ethical and legal issues arise?
  • Present a technology implementation plan to executive leaders.
    • Consider the information needs of your audience and any potential concerns they might have about the plan.
      • What questions or objections are they likely to raise?
      • How would you respond?
    • Express your key points clearly and coherently, and support your assertions and conclusions with credible evidence.
    • Apply applicable APA formatting to citations and references.
    • Proofread your slides to minimize errors that could distract the audience and make it more difficult to focus on the substance of your presentation.

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