Ch09 – Foster Collaboration

1. Reflection #4 – Enable Others to Act – 

o LC – Ch 9-10, p.193-244

§ LC – Ch09 – Foster Collaboration

· Leadership and a climate of trust –

o What steps should be taken to establish a climate of trust?

o With virtual platforms and communication commonplace, how has this effected professional relationships and concern for others?

§ LC – Ch10 – Strengthen Others

· Leadership strengthens others –

o How does a leader organize the workplace to build competence and ownership?

o What actions make employees feel powerful and in control of their circumstances?

o EO – Ch 8,9,10, p.169-244

§ EO – Ch08 – Decentralized Command

· What considerations are necessary to decentralize authority? Is this important and why?

§ EO – Ch09 – Plan

· Why is it important for leaders to clearly identify directives for the team? Are ambiguous and nonparticipative plans effective?

§ EO – Ch10 – Leading Up and Down the Chain of Command

· What are the challenges of communicating both up and down the chain of command? Why is it important to do both well?

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