ccccccHow will you, as a health care manager, be involved in long-term financing for your organization? Provide examples.

the question the teacher asked was:
How will you, as a health care manager, be involved in long-term financing for your organization? Provide examples.

response 1: As a healthcare manager we are in charge of the financial part of an organization. We are responsible for making investments that are profitable for the organization helping us grow the business. We need to be aware of the organizations expenses and what’s the profit and the expected income. We need to learn and understand the project that the organization is involved in and what the risk are. Understanding the risk of each project can help us plan and prepare for losses and profits. We need to be involved analyzing reports, setting financial goals and planning for this goals to be archived. Since the healthcare industry has lots of risk and unpredictable expenses this need to be calculated for and prepared for.

response 2:Being a health manager and being involved in a long term financing takes being devote to the task. Be more inform of information more efficient use of time. Making high quality decision and greater speed on decision making. When keeping up with the budget and the in flow and out flow of the cash in the accounts. Checking the profit and loss statement will help keep up the profit that have been process into there account and the loss that have being deducted from there account. Cash flow statement over seeing the money that coming in and out. A balance sheet over seeing the  assets, liabilities, and capital of the organization. Over seeing the sales forecast and making plans to break even with the revenues cost and gross margin. The company model is how it makes it money so my focus would be to associate with the running of the business fix expenses which fluctuate depending on the strength and weakness of the revenue so by operating the income the gross will reflects the profitability of the operation of the business.

respond to both responses with a minimum of 75 words and max of 100.

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