Capstone Project Approval Form

HLT-494 Capstone Project Approval Form


Student Name:



A professional capstone project should highlight the areas in which you have gained proficiency in all your health care administration courses to date. With this in mind, you must select a topic that will address a health care barrier that is relevant to health care administration and does not focus on patient care, rather improving some focus of health care in a manner that may be accomplished, implemented, and evaluated by those in health care administration.

A short description of the general proposed scope of your project (addressing technology, efficiency, access, quality, etc.):




The anticipated health care organization (HCO) that would best benefit from this proposal (hospital, health clinic, dental office, insurance organization, etc.):




Briefly suggest how this proposal will address a health care administration issue and not a clinical issue (reduce turnover, data link, wearable data, identify resources for determinants of health, etc.:





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