.Background & Proposed Interventions/Implementations

1.Background & Proposed Interventions/Implementations:

· Now that the problem has been identified,  write in APA format  several paragraphs providing background information on the topic. The amount of paragraphs you write varies topic-to-topic.

· Sufficient background information helps your reader determine if  you  have a basic understanding of the research problem being investigated and promotes confidence in the overall quality of your planned intervention and/or findings. It will also aid your reader in understanding the depth of your problem. Keep this in mind because providing succinct background information can be an effective way to show that  you  have a clear grasp of key issues and concepts guiding your project.

· You should be able to back up what you claim is the problem with data or quotes and paraphrases from people who have authority on the topic (i.e.: previous research, experts in that specific field).

· Use the following as headers for your background information: history of the issue, current data on the issue (summarize this, you will describe more in the literature review), current organizational practices or activities to resolve the issue.

Proposed Interventions/Implementations:

· Describe methods/activities to address this issue (what you would do to fix/correct the problem/issue during your practicum). Example: Develop an educational plan on diabetes training for nurses? Develop a checklist on use of a specific therapy?

· Keep in mind that you are NOT going to actually perform your proposed intervention. You are planning and designing only.

· Consider and describe: What do you plan to do as a part of your practicum? Meet with the nurse manager?  Interview staff nurses?  Observe a specific activity?

· You are the student here–not the students you plan to teach. What student learning outcomes to you as a student want to achieve from this practicum? Make them measurable, realistic, and appropriate for your planned project. A minimum of 3 outcomes.

· You can write this as:

Upon completion of practicum, the student will be able to:

1. xxx

2. xxx

3. minimum of three



My PICOT question and info:

Question: Is there a significant decrease in Emergency Department patient length of stay (LOS) for those whose blood was analyzed using POC testing versus those whose blood was analyzed using laboratory testing?

· P-Population= emergency room patients

· I-Intervention or Exposure= POC testing of blood specimens

· C-Comparison= Laboratory blood specimens

· O-Outcome= Decrease patient stay in the emergency room

· T-Time = N/A

Timing is essential in the nursing field and the Emergency Room is notorious for its long wait times. The goal of a clinical laboratory is to deliver medically useful results for patients on a timely basis. This goal can be hindered by the new paradigm of the modern laboratory – “do more with less” (Lopez, 2020). When implementing new care models for patients, the patient perspective is critical. Objective of this study was to describe and develop an understanding of the information needs of patients in the ED waiting room with respect to ED wait time notification (Calder, 2021). As a patient arrives to the ER waiting area, its critical to have lab results for the provider to evaluate. I can give you an example of a patient that waited in the waiting room for over 3 hours, no labs were completed because they were waiting for the patient to go back into a room. The patient was suffering from a heart attack and his troponins were elevated and no one knew until 3 hours later. If POC labs were done on all patients as soon as they arrived, mistakes like these can be avoided. Completed POC blood can cut the wait times in half and the laboratory also won’t be backed up on resulting lab specimens.

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