Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following question: ·        What are challenges of modes of electronic communication within the health care market?

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following question:

·        What are challenges of modes of electronic communication within the health care market?

·        How has social media influenced the marketing of health care? Provide an example?

·        What are some ways consumers share health care information? What is your preference of communication?

Part 2

Respond to the responses separately 50 word minimum 75 word max:

Aledrango Response1: Although electronic communication has many advantages, it also faces many challenges. Electronic communication facilitates interaction between the patient and their providers, however the biggest challenge it faces is the inability to protect patient information 100%. Patient information may include SSN, DOB, Address, and related sensitive information that can be used for fraud and scams if it lands in the hands of unauthorized personnel.

Social media plays a huge role in the way health care organizations market themselves nowadays. Everyone is on social media, whether is Facebook, Instagram, twitter. Therefore organizations can use these platforms to market their brand and communicate with their patients regarding their health and related medical questions and or concerns. Social media helps patients decide on which providers they will go to or put their health in hands of, they often read their reviews and make decisions from there. Therefore it is important as an organization to keep a clean, transparent profile that can assist and satisfy the customers/patients.

There are many ways consumers share health care information, most patients create online portals that gives them access to upcoming appointments, lab and test results and related medical information. This helps tremendously as having a profile can help you stay on top of your health overall. I always prefer a face to face discussion with my doctor when it comes to my health, I feel there is better understanding when I am physically in the doctors office.

Malitza RESPONSE 2:

The most common challenge that arises with electronic communication means is the inability to fully protect personal and confidential information. The benefits of electronic means for telemedicine is that patients are able to interact with their providers and receive real time information in regards to their concerns. They are able to avoid traveling to the medical facility, especially in times such as these. But by exposing all their personal information online, they are putting themselves of a breach of their information, causing much bigger liability issues.

Social media does play a role in health care marketing. Because of the increase in usage, social media has become a huge marketing outlet for businesses. Social media outlets have opened up and allowed for marketing ads to become visible to consumers, with the ability to interact with those that appeal to them. Health care facilities are able to advertise their businesses and services in that can grasp the younger population, who are not always knowledgeable about information regarding their health services.

Various forms of methods are used to communicate health information. Given the risks of my information being shared publicly, I always prefer that my information be face-to-face or as a written format. Face-to-face communication is the most appropriate because it is more personal, and depending on the news that needs to be shared, it helps to be able to feel that personal touch. Written communication also helps you keep a record of your information and ensures that it is protected.

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