COVID 19 Assignment (CA) 


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COVID 19 Assignment (CA) 

Writing assignment directly related to the virus and impact on local, and regional community.

Minimum 3 full pages double spaced, with thoughtful and well written responses to the following:

  1. What is the current issue/crisis for your location and practicum site (use official language and definitions)?
  2. Identify and discuss how it is creating problems in living for members of the community and what they are specifically?

(remember problems in living occur when individuals or groups cannot meet their basic needs i.e. homelessness, social isolation, work difficulties, education issues, relationship problems, malnutrition, access to healthcare, lack of ability to succeed or develop etc.)

  1. Are there groups that are being more impacted or disadvantaged than others (social justice component)? How are they being disadvantaged and what impact does it have on them?
  2. What programs/services are developing to meet those needs (like the delivery of lunches to the impacted children)? Be specific who or what is providing the services, what services are provided and who is being assisted?
  3. What needs are not being met by current services?
  4. What program/ services would you propose to meet client/ community needs?

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