Conducting an Interview & Reflection Paper 

Conducting an Interview & Reflection Paper

Weightage:   5 Marks

​We have reached to the middle of the semester and by now; you should have a solid understanding of the H.R Management course. I hereby ask you to conduct an interview (by phone or via online meeting) that lasts around 15 minutes with a person, who works in the human resources filed, to discuss with him/her an H.R topic “You should select a topic from the MGT 211 – H.R Management course”.

​For the interview, you need to establish at least four main points around the topic that you have chosen, and then, create questions related to these points. During the interview, you need to collect the interviewee’s responses and write a reflection paper “what did you learn from the interview?”


• Highly recommended to read about the interviewee’s organization, company or agency before the interview take a place. This will help you in creating and designing the interview questions. • The length of the interview should be between 15 to 20 minutes.  • Try to look for people on LinkedIn to the do the interview with, if you do not know anyone.  • Be an effective listener during the interview and take notes. • The reflection paper should be at least one page “what were the interviewee’s responses to your questions and what did you learn?”.

Suggested questions:

• Start the interview by asking the interviewee about his/her job title, role, duties, responsibilities and scope of work. • Ask for future advice like what courses you should take or recommendation for an internship or coop program.  • Ask questions related to your major.


• You need to write the interview’s name, work and job title at the end of your reflection paper.• The reflection paper should be at least one page long. • Submit the interview questions along with the reflection paper. • This assignment is due by Dec 02, 2020 @ 11:59 pm.

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