Change Management Intervention Proposal, Part Two (Intervention Design) 

Change Management Intervention Proposal, Part Two (Intervention Design) 

Using your topic from Part 1 OD project, design an effective intervention (Chapter 7). Submit a five to seven-page paper that describes the contingencies related to the change situation: readiness for change, capability to change, cultural context, capabilities of the change agent, and contingencies related to the target of change.

• Complete your diagnostic plan.  Be sure to describe your process for designing, collecting, and analyzing data. Will you plan to design, collect, and analyze data, include:

a. Surveys: what questions will you ask?

b. Interviews: what questions will you ask? Identify the questions

c. Organizational/Departmental records and reports: how is department and organizational performance measured? Where is improvement needed? What resources are needed? What is the mission of the organization?

d. Observation: what/who will you observe?

• Based on a minimum of two different data collection outcomes, design your intervention(s). Your intervention should include data summary (how will you analyze the data), intervention recommendations, timeline for implementations, and measurements (chapter 07). In your intervention recommendations, be sure to include the intervention characteristics in Chapter 09, including goal specificity, programmability, level of change target, internal support, sponsorship and leadership.

• Use subheadings (left side justified; first letter capitalized) for each of the headings of your proposal. Include an APA cover page to both parts of the project. Minimum of ten references required (outside references must be scholarly).

  • 12-point Font; New Times Roman; Double Spaced; 1” Margins
  • APA Format (APA, 7th Ed.) with regard to citations; Reference page also required
  • Development of Main Points
  • Quality of Writing

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Citations (APA)

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