Build a plan for evaluating the job description below.  Human Resources Manager

Build a plan for evaluating the job description below. 

Human Resources Manager

Position Description:

The role of the Human Resources Manager is to be responsible for the daily operations of the Human Resources Department in a large corporation. The Human Resources Manager will work directly with the plant manager with responsibilities of recruitment and selection process of new talent, implementation of the extensive benefits program, upkeep and distribution of payroll, implementation of compensation programs, development and implementation of employee training programs, relations between all employees, and organizational compliance of employment laws on State and Federal levels.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Establish and maintain a recruiting and interviewing program to attract new talent into the company; working along with side fellow managers on candidate selection; develop and oversee onboarding activity; conducting and analyzing exit interviews while recommending changes that arise from the exit reviews’ analysis.

– Support the recruitment process by updating job requirements and descriptions for all positions throughout the company.

– Assists employees with benefits management and enrollment; recommends new additions to the program to management after analyzing trends; directs the processing of benefit claims; obtains and evaluates benefit contract bids and then awards benefit contracts.

– Ensures company-wide compliance by monitoring and implementing human resource federal and state laws and maintain records accordingly.

– Provide insight to management on employee relations related issues and, as necessary, assist with disciplinary matters, such as terminations.

– Oversee leave administration, including FMLA, Workers Compensation, and other related leave issues.

– Perform other duties as assigned

Minimum Education, Skills, & Abilities:

– Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or a related field

– 3+ years of experience in progressively responsible human resources roles

– Or, a combination of the three

– Familiarity with recruitment lifecycle, recruiting/applicant tracking programs, and onboarding development.

– Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel)

– Familiarity with HR law and practices, as well as HR terminology.

– Extensive written and verbal communication skills, analytical skills, and attention to detail.

– Ability to coach and counsel employees and supervisors in various scenarios.

– Ability to problem-solve efficiently from a variety of known and unknown variables.


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