What are some challenges of risk and quality management? Explain.

Part 1

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • What are some challenges of risk and quality management? Explain.
  • Which do you believe is the hardest challenge to overcome? Why?
  • PART 2

Respond to two classmates

response1: Challenges with risk management is patient safety. With patient safety can come malpractice suits. If a provider were to be reckless and go against procedures for care it could put them and their organization at risk for law suits. One example i can think of happened at a facility and it had to do with a patient being given too much insulin. This was because the glucometer was not working correctly and the provider in the hospital did not order a lab draw to check the patients levels , the patient passed away from being given too much insulin. In this situation if the glucometer was showing an out of range number they should have taken steps to recalibrate and retest the patient, if results still showed to high, they should have used a different glucometer, contacted point of care testing and then proceeded with a stat blood draw in order to have an accurate blood level. The process was not followed there for a patient was hurt.

One challenge i see that is hard to over come is getting everyone on the same page, to not take short cuts and to follow the processes set in place. In working for a bulk compounding pharmacy now this issue is there, compounding techs are to scan every iv bag into the system to ensure they have the correct product, a newer iv tech was shown a short cut , scan one bags barcode to save time but in this case it almost hurt someone except the facility caught it, instead of the drug being put into normal saline it got put into a dextrose bag. Had the tech scanned every bag as the process says to do the system would have caught that bag and flagged them that it was not correct.

Quality then has to look at the process , how to correct the process to ensure it will not happen. They then get me involved to do retraining, it then has to get documented and sent into quality management in order to close out the non-conformance event.

When this type of error occurs the customer must report it to the FDA and Board of pharmacy , then the pharmacy has to answer to them which why we have to do the retraining, documentation, and so on.


There are several challenges and risks to quality management. However, the one that stuck out to me was change. Due to the many types of technology and constant need to keep up to date with procedures, laws, and policy one must always change the way they are handling tasks in the workplace. For example, there are laws that one must obtain certain equipment to be up to the standards of the law. However, money is not always available to obtain the items such as equipment that is needed to abide by the laws. Also, the most difficult challenges to overcome are disasters that were not expected such as the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic more than doubled the number of patients and led some who work in the medical field to become ill, which led a lot of medical professionals to become overworked. Becoming overworked can lead to errors and safety issues in the workplace. When this happens this then becomes a safety issue for the employees, patients and can also decrease the quality of care.

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