The Organization: 


The Organization:

– Background (History, Industry, Size, Locations, Revenue, etc..)

– Business Strategy

– Business Environment

– Employees

– Products & Services

– Clients

– Competitors

– Other Stakeholders

The ODC Event (this should be the most robust part of the assignment):

– Thoroughly describe the ODC event, for example, answer questions such as:

o What factors caused the ODC event?

o Were the factors isolated to the subject organization or did the factors impact other organizations? If other organizations were impacted, how were they impacted?

o How did the organization respond to the factors?

o How was the organization impacted by the ODC event?

o What was the duration of the ODC event?

The Outcomes:

– What were the positive outcomes from the ODC event?

– What were the negative outcomes form the ODC event?


– Assume the ODC event occurred at the time of this course. Compared how today’s political, economic, social, and business climate could potentially alter the outcomes of the ODC event for the organization.

Executive Summary:

– Summarization of the whole paper (details not required as part of outline assignment)


– Reflection on your thoughts the organization, the ODC event, and about the assignment in general.

****MUST BE 4 PAGES***

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