Section V: Problem Analysis  

Section V: Problem Analysis  


This section of the paper should be the most creative and personal. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the paper, as it is the culmination of all that you have learned thus far. The problem you identify should be EVIDENCE BASED, from all of your previous research. The SOLUTION should be well thought out, with full discussion of how it will SOLVE the problem.

In this section you will use all of the analysis you have done on your company and the industry in which it operates to identify ONE problem/challenge you believe it faces now or in the near future, and justify it. You will then come up with a creative solution and tell the reader how you know if it was successful.


Problem Identification (+/- 1 page – single spaced) 

            Provide an articulate, thought out problem that your company faces now or in the near future. This should be evidence based from all of your previous research. There will be a preliminary assignment for the approval of the problem. That is the problem statement you will use.


Problem origins. 

            Discuss from where this problem originates.


Evidence of the problem. 

Provide ample evidence from the previous sections that makes it crystal clear that this is in fact an actual problem/challenge.


Problem Solution (+/- 1 page – single spaced) 

            The solution. 

Provide a detailed solution to the problem you just presented.


Solution justification. 

How will this solution address the problem discussed? How will this change something in the equation that created the problem, OR address some factor that could lead to a problem down the road.


Solution process and timeline. 

Project what the company should do, how they should roll it out, and in what time frame they need to address the various steps of the proposed solution. What operational changes will need to be made? What resources will need to be made available?


Solution human resources. 

             Whom within the company should be the solution champion? What human resources will they need to ensure that the project is seen through?


Measuring Success (+1/2 page – single spaced) 

Criteria for success. 

What SPECIFICLY are you going to measure and benchmark to determine the success of the program? This needs to be quantifiable!


Sustainability plan. 

            If the program is successful, how will you ensure that it continues into the future?


Contingency for failure. 

             If, on the other hand, the project was a failure… now what??

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