Read assigned article (Wagner, 2017).  Wagner, 2017 Article: 


  1. Read assigned article (Wagner, 2017).  Wagner, 2017 Article:
  2. Then watch the film, The Interrupters (1 hour, 54 minutes in length) on your own. The film can be accessed for free by clicking on the following link: (Links to an external site.)
  3. Once the full film has been watched, thoroughly read the prompts below and respond by typing directly into the textbox.  Your answers should address ALL points below and should be a minimum of 500 words total.  Please use the numbers in the prompt when responding.

Reflection Prompt:

  1. In the film, violence is described specifically as a health issue by the founder of the Ceasefire organization.  Additionally, in the assigned article, gun violence is described as a public health issue.  Provide, in your own words, an explanation of how violence/gun violence can be viewed as a public health issue.  Please use examples from both the film and the assigned article to illustrate your point(s).
  2. In what ways do the social determinants of health contribute to violence?  Use specific examples from the film to demonstrate your point(s).
  3. Describe a part of the film that you found especially interesting AND/OR disturbing AND/OR surprising.  Explain why you found this part of the film interesting/disturbing/surprising.
  4. Provide at least one meaningful suggestion for how public health professionals can address gun and/or gang violence.  Please do not use the intervention strategy utilized in The Interrupters as your response.

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