I’m doing a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. The 1st step to this plan was the Health Care Organization Selection which is already completed.  

I’m doing a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. The 1st step to this plan was the Health Care Organization Selection which is already completed.

I had to select a Not-for-profit or For-profit Health Care Organization for this Business Plan. The chosen health care organization will either market a new product or service to a specific target market.

United Health Group Incorporated is the healthcare organization I selected to use for my project. It is an American profit-making healthcare organization situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I’ve chosen to market Dialysis Centers. (I will attach this assignment, so you’ll have the information needed to revise, and finish the 5 phases for this project).

This plan will include 5 phases which will be broken up. The phases are:

Phase 1: Executive Summary

Phase 2: Company Profile & Industry Overview

Phase 3: Service Overview, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix

Phase 4: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan

Phase 5: Financial Statement and Balance Sheets

However, for now I only need you to do phase 1 which is the  Executive summary.

Phase I: Executive Summary 

• a summary of the planning issue, which includes a new product, new service opportunity, or process improvement issue.

• A future –oriented, two-page document demonstrating knowledge of the issue and provides the prospective value

• What to include in the Executive Summary:

  • An introduction to your business plan which involves a discussion of the new service opportunity, cost saving measure, or process improvement.
  • Marketing Highlights:

a. Make a list of the distinctive features by answering these questions:

  • What is the real value regardless of the type of project?
  • What will the product/service save the organization in dollars? (estimated guess, doesn’t have to be accurate)

Ex: What savings or profits will it generate by improving efficiency? Or what saving or profits will it generate by developing a new service? Or what will it bring by bringing in paying patients or no-show patients?

3. Targeting Market Summary: Answer the following questions:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Who benefits from this plan?
  •  Is the market internal, external, or both?

4. Competitive Analysis (if a new service opportunity):

  • Who else is doing it?
  • Provide a competitive analysis.

5. Key Marketing Strategies – Refer to Chapter 2

  • What key marketing strategies will you use?
  •  How will you get compliance of patients, staff, the board, or referral services?

6. Operational Highlights

  • Are there any critical legal or regulatory constraints? -Refer to Chapter 3

7. Intermediary Concerns or Issues

  •  Are there any noteworthy issues with referrals or other entities?


Executive Summary (2 pages)

• Marketing Highlights

• Targeting Market Summary

• Competitive Analysis

• Key Marketing Strategies

• Operational Highlights

• Intermediary Concerns


APA Format

Use of References




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