I need the following questions answered – ASAP!!! Why is HR Management important to all managers? Definition of line vs staff. Line managers responsibilities. 

I need the following questions answered – ASAP!!!

Why is HR Management important to all managers? Definition of line vs staff. Line managers responsibilities.

  • Identify what HR Management is and how it relates to the managerial process.
  • Discover the important trends influencing HR Mgmt.
  • Describe what distributed HR is.
  • Outline four critical HR competencies every manager should know.
  • Explain Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and at least 5 other employment laws.
  •  Identify post 1990 employment laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act and sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Explain what discriminatory practices are in recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, layoffs and benefits.
  • List the steps of the EEOC enforcement process.
  • Explain diversity is important and how to install a diversity management program.
  • List the main types of strategies in the strategic management process.
  • Define Strategic HRM and be able to give an example of practice.
  • Give at least five examples of HR metrics.
  • Give five examples of what employers can do to have high-performance systems.
  • Execute a program to improve employee engagement.
  • Define talent management, and explain what talent management-oriented managers do.
  • Discuss the process of job analysis, including why it is important.
  • Explain and use at least three methods of collecting job analysis information.
  • Explain how you would write a job description, and what sources you would use.
  • Explain how to write a job specification.
  • Give examples of competency-based job analysis.
  • Define workforce planning, and explain how to develop a workforce plan.
  • Explain the need for effective recruiting and how to make recruiting more effective.
  • Discuss the main internal sources of candidates.
  • Describe how to use recruiting to improve employee engagement.
  • Discuss the main outside sources of candidates, and create an employment ad.
  • Explain how to recruit a more diverse workforce.
  • Discuss practical guidelines for obtaining application information.
  • Careful, employee selection is important for several reasons.
  • Whether you are administering tests or making decisions based on test results, managers need to understand several basic testing concepts.
  • Whether they are administered via paper and pencil, by computer, or online, we discussed several main types of tests.
  • With work samples and simulations, you present examinees with situations representative of the jobs for which they are applying.
  • Testing is only part of an employer’s selection process; you also want to conduct background investigations and other selection procedures.
  • Give examples of the main types of selection interviews.
  • Give examples of the main errors that can undermine an interview’s usefulness.
  • Define a structured situational interview and explain how to conduct effective selection interviews.
  • Give examples of how to use employee selection to improve employee engagement.
  • List the main points in developing and extending the actual job offer
  • Summarize the purpose and process of employee orientation.
  • Give an example of how to design onboarding to improve employee engagement.
  • List and briefly explain each of the steps in the training process.
  • Explain how to use five training techniques.

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