Good afternoon professor and class,

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Anu Jose

Good afternoon professor and class,

By evaluating your job, you are optimizing the success and discovering the story and reason behind the success (Levine, n.d).

The evaluation can fail when there is no support for social goods (Blog Oregon state university, n.d) The evaluation can also fail by inadequate information and there is no point to make the project in the first place.

When evaluating a project we need to gather few pieces of information.

  1. Find out what needs to be evaluated.
  2. Give a brief involvement for the stakeholders.
  3. Access resources and evaluability.
  4. Determine the evaluation questions
  5. Determine appropriate method to measurement and procedure
  6. Develop evaluation plan
  7. Collect Data
  8. Process data and analyze the result
  9. Interpret and disseminate the result
  10. Apply evaluation findings.

This should be a process for the evaluation of a project.

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