Framework of Strategies for IHRM Functions

Framework of Strategies for IHRM Functions

The Portfolio Project for this course will challenge you to create a  broad framework of strategies for an international human resources  function. In this final module, you will complete your last strategy and  then compile all of your strategies to create a broad framework for  developing an international human resources functional strategy process.

Strategy 8: Alignment of HR and Strategic Business Units

Develop a working framework to guide an HR function to better align  itself with the strategic business units of an organization. Further,  use the same framework guide to develop a human capital profit process  (developing, nurturing, and rewarding people) to aid the organization’s  bottom line and to better align the human resources function with other  strategic business units.

Compilation of Strategies:

Now compile Strategies 1-8 in a single document with a header for  each strategy and a complete reference page for all sources. Incorporate  the feedback provided by your instructor throughout the course and  carefully revise and edit your entire IHRM framework. The completed  framework should include an overall introduction to the framework and a  conclusion that explains its merits to form a single, cohesive project.

Your final Portfolio Project (Framework of Strategies for IHRM Functions) should meet the following guidelines:

· 12-15 pages in length (not including cover and reference pages).

· Formatted to APA

· Supported by a minimum of ten academic sources.

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