first is important to watch those videos that are short

first is important to watch those videos that are short


1. Watch all the videos posted and read all the literature assigned.

2. Read the prompts posted in the next section.

3. Explain why this topic is important for society in the current scenario.

4. Question any claims/conclusions/facts you find dubious or raise doubts if any.

5. I would highly recommend that you type your post into a word document first. You can then submit this word document into the assignment submission link.

6. Check for grammatical and stylistic errors.

7. You must have both “in-text citations” using APA format as well a list of citations (references) at end of the essay with full details of all the references (sources) you used in researching the content for your essay. For more details with examples please see (Links to an external site.)

8. You can then copy that post onto Discussion Board 6.

9. Word limit is 500 words.

10. Your discussion board posting must be divided into three distinct paragraphs in the same way as the prompts on the next page.

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