Examine the financial impact of workforce solutions on organizational strategy.

Deliverable 5 – Company-Controlled Factors and Policy Impacts


Examine the financial impact of workforce solutions on organizational strategy.


You are the HR manager for the ABC Store. Over the past four months, customer complaints have increased by 33% and the CEO is convinced that both the sales team and the customer service employees need to attend mandatory remedial training. You know that the training budget for the year is not large and so you likely not be able to provide training to all sales and customer service employees. Therefore, you decide to analyze the data to make an evidence-based decision on which employees should receive training, as you want to make sure that any money spent on training will be of maximum benefit to the organization.


Prepare a proposal for the CEO of your recommendations on which employees you determine should receive the training for the year. You will use the Sales & Customer Service Sample for Module 5 data set Click for more options You will need to consider the following information:

  • Performance ratings are provided quarterly, on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being outstanding performance, and 1 being well-below standards of performance
  • Percentage of workforce in each employee group performing below performance standards
  • You have received a quote for the training intervention to cost $15 per employee
  • Gross sales for the last quarter were $10 million
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