Deliverable 7 – Change Management Plan

Deliverable 7 – Change Management Plan

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    • Analyze the principles, types, and stages of change.
    • Evaluate the risks associated with change.
    • Evaluate organizational reactions to environmental changes.
    • Hypothesize how change supports business objectives.
    • Assess employees’ readiness for change.
    • Create a change plan that aligns with organizational goals.
    • Student Success Criteria
      View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.

      You are the Senior VP of HR for a major information technology company. A new CEO has been hired, who is concerned that the organization appears to be a battleground – major business units operate as silos, compete with each other for resources, and are not innovating as needed. The overall work environment is toxic, with low employee engagement and morale as a result. The company, once known as a market leader, is falling behind its competitors.

      Therefore, the CEO has decided to conduct a major restructuring of the company to eliminate the internal turf wars and competition. He has begun by announcing a new mission and values statements for the organization that gives employees a new sense of purpose in why they are working for the company. This new philosophy is designed to get employees focused on collaborative, innovative work. Now the CEO wants to reinforce this message by restructuring the business units into flatter, collaborative focal areas. As part of the strategy team, you have been tasked with drawing up the plan for launching and managing the restructuring.

      Prepare a change management plan that:

    • Identifies the sponsors of the change initiative and the members of the change management team, who will monitor organizational agility and reactions to change.
    • Provides the structured methodology you will use (Kotter 8-step model or AKDAR model) to plan the change initiative, including details for each step.
    • Describes how this change management plan will overcome barriers and reduce risks to the organization.
    • Details the communication and feedback plans that will be used during the change initiative.
    • Discusses the approach to be used to engage managers and supervisors in championing the change initiative, who will assess employees’ readiness for change.
    • Explains how change adoption will be measured to ensure the meeting of business objectives.
    • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the change management plan.

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