Deliverable 5 – Global Diversity Training Competency

Deliverable 5 – Global Diversity Training


Outline a diversity training program for employees of a global organization.


You have been hired as the Training and Development Manager in HR at On the Go IT Global, a US-based company, which has facilities in several countries including the UAE, China, and India. During a meeting with your manager, Global HR Manager, Mr. Abdul Baqri, has instructed you to develop an outline for a diversity training program for leadership and employees of your global organization. This plan must include an assessment of cultural competence of both leaders and employees. This outline will be used to build out the full cultural diversity training program for your company beginning in the next calendar year. Therefore, Mr. Baqri has stated that specifics are important as you design the outline.


Design an outline for the cultural diversity training program for your organization’s employees. Content should be in bulleted form with additional detail included in short paragraph format for each point to be used later in the design of the full diversity training program. The contents must cover the following points:

  • Recommend appropriate assessment techniques to determine cultural competence of leaders and employees of the company.
  • Evaluate leadership traits of employees that would aid in managing uncertainty and ambiguity in the global workforce environment.
  • Outline specifics of the diversity training plan to include details in each of the following categories:
    • Self-awareness of one’s own culture and biases of other cultures.
    • Teamwork with diverse cultures.
    • Cross-cultural communication.
    • Cross-cultural engagement with host country nationals.
    • Cross-cultural engagement and teamwork by expatriates in host countries.
    • Provides specific training points on the cultures of the countries represented in the company:
      • USA
      • China
      • UAE
      • India
  • Provide a training plan for successful expatriation assignments.
  • Recommend training components for successful repatriation of expatriates.

Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the outline.

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