Create a change plan that aligns with organizational goals.

Deliverable 6 – Force Field Analysis

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    Create a change plan that aligns with organizational goals.

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    You are the HR Manager in a shipping distribution company. Recently, it was discovered that several employees in the procurement department were committing fraud by accepting vendor kickbacks and by falsifying receipts to overstate the prices of items purchased for the company. These employees have been terminated from the organization. However, the CEO is worried that the unethical attitudes and practices may be more widespread within this department. Therefore, she has ordered that the entire department must undergo ethics training, and must switch to a new process for negotiating contracts, selecting vendors, and purchasing of the resources needed for the organization. The remaining employees in the department have all been working there for at least 15 years and will likely be resistant to adapting to the new required processes.

    As HR Manager, you realize that as part of the planning for the new process implementation, you need to identify what factors would contribute the most to employee resistance as well as identify what actions could be taken to mitigate this resistance better. In order to determine this information, you decide to create a Force Field Analysis, as based on Kurt Lewin’s three-stage theory of change.

    Prepare a force field analysis that:

    • Identifies the area for change in the procurement department.
    • Performs all seven steps of the force field analysis.
    • Creates a force field visual diagram with appropriate labels.
    • Provides a narrative explanation of the analysis conducted.
    • Describes that action steps selected for implementation along with the rationale for the each action step.
    • Provides attribution for credible sources used in the force field analysis.
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