Through the completion of the three-part Compensation Plan Project, students will create a compensation plan for a position in a hypothetical organization. To be effective, they will evaluate the strategic implications various compensation philosophies have on an organization. They will also analyze the various forms of employee benefits and the key components of constructing a benefits compensation plan. In addition, students will evaluate the impact the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) and other laws have on the compensation practices of an organization.

Part III: Pay-for-Performance and Employee Benefits

Continuing with the same position discussed in Part I and II of this project, determine recommendations for individual pay within the scope of pay-for-performance.

(200-300 words) Discuss how you will link the hypothetical organization’s strategy to pay-for-performance and performance management. Include the following in your discussion:

The behaviors that are most important based on the corporate goals.

How you will ensure equity and fairness in the pay-for-performance plan.

How you will ensure compliance with existing laws.

(400-500 words) Outline the pay-for-performance plan for this position. Include a discussion on each of the following types of plans and whether or not they are appropriate for this position in this organization:

Short term pay-for-performance plans

Team incentive plans

Long-term incentive plans

(100-150 words) Describe how you will use performance appraisals in compensation decisions.

Discuss the use of performance metrics.

Determine the philosophy for merit guidelines.

Continuing with the same position discussed in Part I and II of this project, determine an employee benefits plan.  (200-300 words) Discuss the components to be considered in your overall benefit plan. Include the following in your discussion:

Employer factors such as total compensation costs, cost of benefits, competitor offerings, role of benefits, and legal requirements.

Employee factors such as equity/fairness and personal needs.

How you will manage cost containment.

(100-150 words) Provide a checklist that ensures you are including all legally required benefits.

(400-500 words) Discuss your design options and choices for a legal and balanced approach to employee benefits. Include in your discussion the four primary categories of employee benefits:

Retirement and savings plans

Life Insurance

Medical benefits

Miscellaneous benefits


Each section of the Compensation Plan Project should be prepared in APA format including a title page, section headers, in-text citations, and a reference page. A minimum of three professional and reputable sources are required for this section of the project.

Part III of this project will be 3-4 pages of body (1400-1900 words) plus title page and reference page.

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