Case analysis questions require a specific type of reasoning and writing. To answer a case analysis question, assume you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about the law. F

Case analysis questions require a specific type of reasoning and writing. To answer a case analysis question, assume you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about the law. First tell me what the law is. For example, what factors does the law say you should look at when trying to determine if a company violated the law when interviewing an applicant? Then tell me if the case you are discussing satisfies that law. For example, which of the factors is met in the case you’re looking at? Then give your conclusion, such as “since the law says an employer cannot ask ___,  the employer violated the applicant’s right to privacy.”

I cannot determine if you know the law if you do not go through these steps. In order to maximize your grade for this assignment you need to be specific and fully support your reasoning.One or two sentences is not sufficient. You cannot do an adequate job of answering a case hypothetical in anything less than 1-2 paragraphs.

Again, be thorough and specific


1. Lilly’s Lingerie Shop places an advertisement in a local paper describing an open position with the responsibility of admitting women to its dressing room area. The ad states that only females need apply. Is this advertisement in violation of Title VII? Explain.

2. Safe T Alarm System advertises a position available for alarm-system planning and installation. Scott Feeney, age 50, applies for the position but is rejected because he does not possess a college degree. Feeney argues that an alarm-system installer does not need a college education. Safe T recounts that college graduates have better interpersonal skills for dealing with people and possess sound reasoning skills for planning the layout of the alarm system. Who will be victorious? Explain.

3. ABC Mutual Fund places an advertisement for customer service representatives. One hundred positions are available. Three hundred applicants are received: 100 from women, and 200 from men, including 150 whites, 50 blacks, 50 Asians, and 50 Hispanics. The selections made are 20 women and 80 men, including 75 whites, 5 blacks, 20 Asians, and 0 Hispanics. Does the selection procedure have an adverse effect on minorities and women? Explain.

4. Dennis Michaelson applied for a position as a resident gynecologist at Fairview Hospital in Brooklyn. According to his resume, Michaelson had graduated from one of the top medical schools and had an extensive private practice on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Michaelson explained that after his wife’s recent death, he wanted to return to his roots. His appearance, demeanor, and expertise convinced the hospital board to retain his services. The hospital was so impressed that it did not check with the medical school or with the references he had submitted. Michaelson treated patients at the hospital for 14 months before he was questioned intensively about his mistakenly diagnosing two cases of ovarian cancer as benign growths. He suddenly heard the call of the islands and disappeared. Fairview was sued by the two cancer victims as well as countless others who were treated by the fraud. When Fairview investigated, it learned that Michaelson was not a licensed physician—he was just a con artist in disguise. Is the hospital liable? Why or why not?

5. In a warehouse of the Progressive Overnight Shipping Company, workers were hurrying to finish loading packages on Christmas Eve so they could finish early. Todd Meyers was carrying a large package, thereby limiting his ability to clearly see in front of him. He bumps into Russ Eastman and knocks him down. Eastman rises slowly. He is fuming. Eastman grabs Meyers by the shirt and punches him repeatedly. Pursuant to its zero tolerance policy, Progressive terminates both of them. Meyers claims he was not an aggressor or even a participant in the fight, but rather a victim. Does he have any recourse? Explain.

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