As you begin to write your Mid Term, please give thoughtful consideration to the concepts presented in MC4401 thus far. I


As you begin to write your Mid Term, please give thoughtful consideration to the concepts presented in MC4401 thus far. In addition, keep in mind that this assessment will measure the following student learning outcome: Analyze and describe the nature of followers and the challenges that accompany change. Please use the attached Mid Term Template.docxPreview the document. Save a copy to your computer and type directly into the template (as it contains the required sections and is already formatted according to the requirements). I have also made some comments that will be very helpful to you when getting started.


Even though I (your instructor) may be your actual audience (i.e. the only person who reads you paper), I (your instructor) am not the intended audience. Do not write your paper with me in mind, knowing that I have the knowledge to “fill in any gaps.” Your intended audience consists of aspiring leaders who have never successfully led a change initiative and know very little about doing such; therefore, you should write very clearly and concisely while understanding that “gaps” will likely lead to confusion. Your intended audience, in other words, is uninformed on this topic.


1200 – 1500 words (roughly 3 – 5 pages 12 point Times New Roman font, not including cover page and references)

Required Sources:

Cite a minimum of 2 sources (preferably journal articles but books are acceptable). The textbook for this course cannot count toward the minimum; however, it can be used.

Leading Change:

All organizations are complex, unpredictable and deceptive, at least to some extent. And the larger the organization, the more complexity is present. As leaders, we need to fully understand our organizations and the responsibilities that come along with our roles as leaders. Once we achieve a comprehensive understanding we can be much more effective in our efforts.

One inevitable part of our jobs as leaders involves the process of change, and leading such initiatives successfully requires that we understand the nature of followers and the challenges that accompany change. Implementing change is by far one of the most difficult challenges leaders face today. Unfortunately, the majority of people just do not get excited about change in the workplace. Getting out of one’s comfort zone is simply undesirable; therefore, change is resisted. But as leaders, there will undoubtedly be times when we must react to external forces and implement change within our organizations in order to remain competitive. We don’t have to look back too far in time to find examples of the need for change. Consider the Great Recession that occurred between late 2007 to mid 2009. Organizations of all types and sizes had to find ways to reduce costs, generate new sources of revenue, and increase efficiency amongst other things. I’m sure you would agree that leadership was paramount to the survival of US businesses that had no other choice but to change during this time.

The bottom line is that leaders must be change agents and motivate others to accept the fact that change is necessary. Thus, as aspiring leaders we must determine effective strategies to help us affect follower behavior in a positive way.

Your Mid-Term assignment is to write a 3 – 5 page paper discussing a minimum of three (3) strategies leaders can take to make a positive influence on followers during times of change. Again, please use the attached template.

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