75 words as response to this post if in text cite also use reference   Natalia Andino Leon 

75 words as response to this post if in text cite also use reference

Natalia Andino Leon

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Healthcare organizations need to ensure that there is a proper training for the staff and help them understand that the workplace work together as team and any decision can prejudicated the others. This is part of quality improvement techniques. This also include improved leadership that ensure that every staff opinion is important and it is taken in consideration when making decision for the organization. Also, recognizing mistakes and encouraging everyone to learn from them is part of this techniques. However, like any plan implementation, quality improvement techniques face challenges at the time to be applied. The first one and most common is the lack of team work communication. This leads to disagreements and misunderstanding creating an resistant to any decision that needs to be made. Another challenge that can be seen is the poor training. Part of the training is to help people understand a plan and how each step leads to another. However, when there is no proper training, confusion is created in the team leading them to jump to conclusion or not having a structure to follow and have a successful implementation.  Another challenge is when there was no data collection since the beginning of the implementation and there is no way to trace if there was any improvement of it.

It is important for healthcare organization to always discuss every step and enforce them while they are been implemented to ensure a better results. Not putting to much effort on it can create issues for the staff and have negative results at the end of it.

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