.3 Screening of Options 1. History of harassment evaluation (external)

.3 Screening of Options

1. History of harassment evaluation (external)

2. History of harassment evaluation (internal): Determining whether sexual conduct is “unwelcome.”

3. Evaluating evidence of harassment

4. Determining whether a work environment is sexually “hostile.”

5. Holding employers liable for sexual harassment by supervisors

6. Evaluating preventive and remedial action taken in response to claims of sexual harassment.


3. Compensation to those affected: If you have been harassed or put in fear of violence, you may be able to claim financial compensation (also called damages) from your abuser, by making an application to the county court. You can do this at the same time as applying for an injunction, or separately.

4. 0 benefits to the ones found guilty.

5. Media release (high management):

6. Media release (including employees): it could be the excellent way to make relationship between public relations and business marketing.

All these options could better be act as a record to act on the issues outcomes which are very common at workplace to deal with them as well as give morale to the authority regarding consequences of those issues. However, 0 benefits to the one found guild should be reanalysed to confirm the right person who did wrong in this working period so that the innocent one must not get in trouble and should get all benefits as others.

2.4 Rationale for Discounted and Viable Options

Develop the short list of viable options based on the assessment conducted in the screening of options and provide the reasons for retaining or discarding each option.

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