Why are laws and regulations important to the health care industry?


Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • Why are laws and regulations important to the health care industry?
    • What do you believe has the biggest impact on laws and regulations in the health care industry?


Respond to 2 classmates

Response 1:

Laws and regulations are important in healthcare since they keep our personal information and anything to do with healthcare safe. I like that our laws protect us in a way that our business in the medical field is safe and won’t be shared with the entire world. It’s not like our Facebook and Instagram page that a friend or stranger can find small details of us in an instance. Here in the medical field you either have to be the patient or a medical professional to know what is going on. Everyone else is shunned you can say unless the patient approves authorization. For me one of the laws that make a big impact and keep our information safe is HIPAA. Every health professional must know and obey this law if not the consequences are severe. Another important law is MACRA/CHIP which is the medicare and childrens health insurance program that helps millions of individuals. According to Maryville University (2021) ” Regulations are varied and complex. For this reason, healthcare management professionals need a thorough understanding of them to help ensure that the facilities they work for operating within the law.” These laws will always be important and a priority in healthcare.

Response 2:

There are many reasons why laws and regulations are important in health care industry. I will say first I believe HIPAA is a important law and regulation as it is set in place to protect the patient and their personal information. The patients has to sign forms to be able to have their health care records released to anyone. Also under HIPAA the office staff has to be careful not to give out information but rather have the patient verify their information to make sure they have the correct patient information pulled up. Medicaid and Medicare is also important insurance regulations to help the elderly and people that are below poverty level income and the patients are still able to get affordable insurance for their health care. This is important as in the past hospitals and physicians were able to refuse care for patients due to no insurance. Patients safety and quality improvement is also important as this is to protect the patient and the staff for improvements. The patients safety is the number one priority. I feel like HIPAA has the biggest impact as its protecting the patient and their personal information and health care.

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