This SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will be performed on optometry sitting where I currently work as a licensed Optician. I

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Whitney Thompson

This SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will be performed on optometry sitting where I currently work as a licensed Optician. In this position, I provide patients with lens recommendations, frames, contact lenses, adjustments, analyze issues of impaired vision, and work to correct these issues. This SWOT analysis will be broken down into internal and external observation, internal consists of Strengths and weaknesses, external consists of Opportunities and Threats.


Strengths: All staff are friendly and welcoming of patients coming for ophthalmic needs, the average optical experience staff is 17 years, our staff is invested in the community we live and work in which builds trust among our patients. Our warranties on frames and lens exceed our competitor’s warranties with questions.

Weaknesses: Currently short at least one licensed optician, which slows the patient flow and increases wait times. Staff call-ins create extra stress and anxiety for other staff working more short-handed. Lack of leadership when coming to the direction of dispensary and resolving staffing needs.


Opportunities: Currently selling little contact lenses in the large market of young people. Local ophthalmologists stop performing eye exams leaving patients searching for optometrists. Currently not accepting Medicaid from state, need to work to get this opportunity completed.

Threats: Lack of licensed Opticians available in the area to hire. Decrease in the number of vision insurance companies accepted causing patients to search elsewhere for their vision needs. Local economy still suffering from Covid-19 pandemic layoffs and shutdowns.


SWOTs creates the vision of hope by letting us see what areas to improve in and what opportunities available to lead us to the best optical center possible. To improve our weaknesses and opportunities at the same time we should develop a marketing plan directed alerting people we provide all services for contacts wears and aggressively market accepting new patients. Staffing issues can be improved by appreciating current staff while continuing to look for new qualified opticians with competitive wages and benefits. We must dedicate someone to work with insurance companies to increase the number of vision insurance we accept.

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