150 words as response to this post if in text cite use reference   Amanda Elliott posted 

150 words as response to this post if in text cite use reference

Amanda Elliott posted

Hello All,

Topic 1: Yes, when I was pregnant with my 21 year old daughter, the technician performing the ultrasound told us that there may be an issue with her heart. I was freaked out. I told the nurse at the station what they said. I’m sure that person got into trouble. It was not in the technician’s place to tell me anything. This was the physician’s place to tell us something was wrong.

Topic 2: Yes. Throughout all three of my children’s younger years, I took them to the same pediatrician. This was great because the staff knew all of their names. Would ask them how things were going, based on the last visit conversations. When we would show up for appointments they never had to ask our names. They just checked them in for the appointment. I thought it was vital at the time that they saw the same doctor throughout their younger years. I still do. It’s important that they stay with the same healthcare professionals. That way the new doctors are not having to perform the same tests over and over. Now they will have to find a new provider since they are of age. But according to Nationwide Children’s, “Having continuity with one pediatrician has been shown to increase successful screenings at checkups and decrease how often the child has to go to the emergency department for illnesses.” (Nationwide Children’s, 2020)

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