Write  a cover letter to the client.

Key Assignment

  1. Write  a cover letter to the client.
  2. Submit your Organizational Consulting Final Report. This version should include      your revisions based on the professor’s feedback. It should be a total of 18–25 pages. Use APA style. Include the following parts:
    1. Title page
    2. Table of contents
    3. Reference list
    4. Appendices
  3. The body of the report should have the following components:
    1. Acknowledgements
    2. Contents and organization of the report
    3. Executive summary
    4. Introduction to the organization or sector
    5. Entry, informal data collection, micro diagnosis, and  contracting: Describe the issue or opportunity that served as a starting  point for your work with the client. Include the identification of diagnosis and all objectives.
      • Human subject protection: Describe the measures you put in  place to ensure that your client system and project participants were  protected from undue harm during your interactions with them and in your written reports.
    6. Action phase: Emphasis how you facilitated this phase and how you employed appreciative inquiry, action research, and process  consultation values.
    7. Facilitation of the reflection phase: Using the “What? So What?  Now what?” model, describe the new knowledge created and employ the values  of action research, process consultation, and appreciative inquiry.
    8. Evaluation of your consulting and project results: Include how you closed the consulting project with your client.
    9. Appendix A: A scanned letter of intent
    10. Appendix B: Abridged Institutional Review Board (IRB) application


Strengths: , you have presented confirming details  about your intervention proposal.  This is the map and process vital to your change intervention.

Opportunities for improvement: Please document how each iteration was a collaborative effort between you and your client contact as you prepare for the client (exit) report.

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