To complete this DB, please follow these steps:

To complete this DB, please follow these steps:

1) Go to (Links to an external site.)

Indeed is where a LOT of governmental, quasi-, and nongovernmental organizations post jobs.

2) In the “what” textbox write a type of job that interests you.  Examples include but are not limited to:

Health Educator

Community Health Worker

Environmental Health Specialist

Public Health Nurse

Research Assistant


3) In the “where” textbox, type LOS ANGELES, CA. Then click “Find jobs.”

4) Explore at least one job in-depth and note the following information:

Job title

Agency/organization where job is located

Minimum and/or preferred education/skills/training/qualifications


Step 1:

Once you have visited the Indeed website and completed the steps above, please click on “Reply” below to start a new post for yourself.  You will not be able to see your classmates’ posts until you have posted.  Your original post should include responses to each of the following prompts:

Describe the job you explored on the Indeed job search website.  In your own words (NOT cut-and-pasted from the website), include information such as the job title, agency/organization at which the job is located, minimum and/or preferred education/skills/training/qualifications, salary, etc.

After providing details on the job you found, describe why you found this job interesting.

Let’s pretend you want to prepare to apply for the job you described in bullet #1 (from the Indeed job search website).  Describe 3 things you could do this academic year to be better qualified for this job.  Pay special attention to the minimum and/or preferred education/skills/training/qualifications described in the job posting, and formulate actual action steps you could take in 2021-2022 to become better qualified for this job.  Even if your selected job requires a lot more education or training, there are things you can do right now to help get you closer to that career option!

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