Tasks topic is Syphilis


  1. topic is Syphilis
  2. Identify the sexual health issue. What are the public health impacts associated with this issue?
  3. Identify a community impacted by this sexual health issue.  Is the community a geographic area, a target population or both?  Describe this community. What are the characteristics of this community?


Example: Injection drug users who exchange sex for drugs in Scott County, Indiana

Sexual Health issue: STIs

Public health impacts: Hepatitis C and increased HIV transmission risk

Target population/Geographic area description:

Target population

  • White men and women (58% men, 42% women, 98% white)
  • Median age 33.5 years
  • Injection drug users (94%)

Geographic area

  • Population of 24,000
  • High levels of poverty (19%)
  • High rate of unemployment compared to the rest of the U.S.
  • Lack of education (21% did not finish high school)
  • High rate of premature rate compared to rest of U.S. Rate has increased dramatically since 2010

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