Start with the following job Description:

assignment  is planning human resources, job analysis, planning recruitment and a selection strategy for Dollarama’s store manager.

Start with the following job Description:

Store Manager at Dollarama:

1. Is there a scope for improvement? Compare the job description with the generic job descriptions posted under the National Occupational Classification (NOC). Also, review some local store manager positions posted by other retail companies in BC. What are the key differences that strike you? What is good about the job description posted by Dollarama. What are the areas they can improve on?

Note: You should provide links of all jobs you compare in a separate Appendix in the end of the assignment. These job descriptions should also be added to your references list.

2. Now think about how job analysis (JA) can be used to develop a more accurate job description and specification. Create a job analysis strategy for Dollarama. Please note you should suggest a JA strategy and NOT create revised job descriptions. A typical JA strategy should be a step-by-step plan suggesting the company a robust and legally defensible method of creating job descriptions and specifications.

3. Now review the labor market outlook for this job in BC and especially in the lower mainland and suggest labor demand and supply considerations you may encounter based on the current situation of the labor market. Please note you should review BOTH demand and supply considerations.

Note: This section of your assignment should have data backing up your claims. You are encouraged to present data through graphs, tables etc. if needed.

4: Now consider you are hiring for this position in BC and your current store Manager is leaving in 2 months. Suggest some recruitment strategies you will use to ensure you have adequate qualified applicants for this job. Be as detailed in your recruitment strategy as possible.

Note: Please do not list all recruitment strategies listed in the book. Please make sure you only mention those that you think are appropriate for hiring the store manager at Dollarama.

5. Finally, create a detailed step-by-step selection strategy for the right candidate. Suggest what screening tools, interview formats, and selection methods will you use. Be as detailed as possible in explaining your selection plan.

Please ensure you mention relevant legal questions and boundaries wherever needed. Back your plan with recent research as much as possible. You will be graded for:

1. The comprehensiveness of your plan at each stage.

2. The cohesiveness of your plan.

3. Providing adequate and robust evidence grounded in recent research to back up your plan

4. Originality, detail, and yet simplicity are the key criteria.

5. You should present your report as a business report in APA format. In-text citations and references are important and should be provided wherever appropriate.

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