Jessica Jackson An Interview with Queen Latifah

Jessica Jackson


An Interview with Queen Latifah


1. What got you interested in taking this course on confidence?

What got me interested in taking this course or confidence is I want to learn how to build confidence when under pressure at work, and achieving my goals in life. I also want to show my kids that when you have confidence you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


2. What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence means to me having belief and faith in one’s self to have the ability to get the job, task, goal or endeavors in life accomplished without fear of failure. It’s all about believing in yourself with out any doubt!


3. Why is confidence an essential skill for career success?

You have to have confidence in order to succeed. If your not confidence in your self how can you expect anyone else to take you seriously in your career or believe you have the ability to get the job done.


4. Think about someone in your life or at your job that has a lot of confidence in their career. Tell us a little bit about who they are and what kind of work they do.

Robert is my husband. He works for an environmental service company called Rhino.


5. How does Robert McClinek demonstrate CONFIDENCE at work?

Robert was a VP of a office supply company that he started sweeping floors at when he was 16 yrs old. He worked his way up to VP and worked at this company for 25yrs until 2yrs ago he was laid off. The reason why I say he demonstrates confidence is he started a job at a environmental service company called Rhino as a regular worker and what took him 15yrs to do at his old job it only took him 2yrs at his new job. He never did environmental services before or liked getting his hands dirty. My husband accepted the job with the confidence of he was going to grow with the company and succeed in getting the job done! Now my husband runs his department making more than what he was making at his old job. I believe if he didn’t have the confidence he has he wouldn’t have succeed! My husband always installs in me whatever you choose to be and do in life be and do the best no matter what.


6. Now, give me an example of how Robert McClinek USES that confidence to solve problems, set challenging goals, or cope with setbacks.

Robert set challenging goals for him self by trying to get all his workers on one accord. Robert has a day crew and a night crew that he runs. His goal is to make sure he is available 24-7 for his team no matter what. If someone truck breakdown in the middle of the night he has to go and make sure his worker is safe and assist them in getting it taken care of rather it be bring another truck to them or get the company mechanic out there to get them back on the rode. One of his major setbacks is when one of his guys call out. When one of his workers call out he jumps in and does that worker shift with out hesitation. Robert always say never half do anything in life either give your all or just don’t do it. I believe this is why he has so much confidence in his work and life period. Robert is and always has been a go getter and always succeed in anything he sets his self up to do.


7. Based on what you learned THIS WEEK, what kind of VALUES do you think Robert McClinek has?

Based on what I learned Robert has Dedication hard-working and motivated.


8. How do you think Robert McClinek’s values AND confidence power their success?

Robert values and confidence powered his success because he worked hard dedicated his self in doing his best by educating himself and taking the initiative to learn and try something new. Robert used his values and confidence within himself to be the best he can be at whatever he does to move up fast in his career.


9. Tell us how YOU plan to follow in Robert McClinek’s footsteps by using your confidence in your own life and career.

I plan on following Robert footsteps by believing in myself build my communication skills up and start socializing more. I am going to be dedicated and motivated to be the best I can be in work life and all future endeavors. I am going to focus on improving my communication skills with my coworkers and also at home because communication is definitely a big key to success.

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