Evolution of Facility Design

Evolution of Facility Design

Complete the following chart using 175 to 350 words for each explanation of each time period to discuss the evolution of health care facility design since the 1900s to the present.


Time Period

Explain health care facility design during this time period.


Note: 10 lines have been provided for you. You may add lines depending on the number of time periods you discuss.



Week Two: Facility Selection and Research

Select a facility from below to use in your final project. You will use this facility in Weeks 3 through 5. If you would like to use a facility not listed here, please check with your instructor for approval.

· Assisted living

· Birthing center

· Clinic

· Doctor’s office

· Hematology lab

· Hospital security layout

· Outpatient clinic

Research the facility.

Write a 260- to 350-word summary. Your summary should:

· Describe the facility you selected and its purpose in the health care industry.

· Identify the populations who use the facility.

· Identify key characteristics of the facility.

· Explain why you have selected this type of facility.

Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Submit your assignment.



What elements will you use when determining facility planning within a community? Provide examples. 175 words

Respond to classmates:

Response 1

When trying to plan for a facility within a community there are a number of factors that will help or be contributing factors when doing so. One factor would be location. When deciding where a facility would be most beneficial things to consider would be the accessibility of the facility. Having a facility that is easy to get to meaning is there access to public transportation for those that do not have any transportation or if it is in a rural area that is miles away from a metropolitan area. Another huge factor to consider is depending on what kind of facility it is if it is in fact in an area that has a huge population of the people that will be served by it. For example, if you are considering opening and starting a midwifery center or facility you wouldn’t want to put it in an area that has most of it’s population retirees and elderly. Using tools such as census and different types of other surveys would help to plan and open a facility that can thrive as well as serve the community as much as possible.


When planning a facility within a community, there are certain elements that you must include. Some of these elements could be responding to the needs of the community and catering to those as well as including programs they might benefit from. For example, say there is a neighborhood known for having a violent background and youth participating in them. If we implemented an afterschool program or a youth program where kids can spend their time, it gives them a chance to get away from the violence that their neighborhood is known for. Also, if a community is up-and-coming and are still sort of developing, it would be good to include emergency services around such as urgent cares and clinics so that the residents of that community do not have to travel far to receive health care when they need it. It is important that there is somewhere safe that patients can trust to get the help they need. In my experience, as long as we have these amenities available to residents of a community, they will use them as they see fit.

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