Chief Transformation Officer Emmanuel Boydon

Chief Transformation Officer

Emmanuel Boydon

University of Arizona Global Campus

BUS 661: Leading Organizational Change

Dr. Paul Frankenhauser

July 5, 2021


Chief Transformation Officer

We have determined that change is inevitable and subject to a number of variables attributing to the success or failure of the change process. The Final Paper is an exploration of a change initiative that you have personally experienced or researched. The paper should demonstrate your knowledge of the change process through a comprehensive analysis and discussion of the following aspects of organizational change. Your paper must include:

· An identification and description of a professional change initiative personally experienced or researched.

· A discussion of the change initiative as seen through the eyes of the leader and the follower.

· A discussion of the successes and failures experienced during the change event.

· An analysis of the concepts and theories used to facilitate the change process.

· An evaluation of the impact of the change upon the organization.

· A discussion on the sustainability of the change effort.

You must incorporate concepts and theories relating to the change process as they apply to each section of the paper.




Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. (2022). Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

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