Assignment 4 Compensation and Benefits Recommendations

Assignment 4 Compensation and Benefits Recommendations

GOALS & STANDARDS- Aligned with Develop compensation and benefit plans to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

Scenario: You are the HR consultant to a small business employing about 40 people. Currently the business offers only 5 days of vacation, 5 paid holidays, and legally mandated benefits such as unemployment insurance payments.


Write a 800- to 1200-word consultation report on compensation and benefits, including the following:


· Discuss with the business three-job evaluation methods utilized to determine compensation strategy. Include advantages and disadvantages of each method.

· Recommend to the business one job evaluation method to determine compensation strategy. Include your rationale for the recommendation.

· Recommend a minimum of seven benefits the business should offer. Include your rationale for the recommendations.

· Explain what signs the company might look for to know if employees are engaged.



Assignment 5: Global Human Resources Toolkit (Presentation)

GOALS & STANDARDS- Aligned with Evaluate employee management and training needs within diverse, global business environments, with a focus on legal and ethical responsibilities.

Scenario: You are an HR manager of a company that since its inception has only operated locally. In a recent meeting, your boss informed you that the company is planning to go global in the next 1 to 2 years. She would like an introduction from you on HR related issues for a global operation.


Create a 8- to 10-slide presentation, with speaker notes, including the following:

· List and briefly describe methods for staffing global organizations. Include pros and cons for each method.

· Identify five competencies important to selection of candidates for global assignments that are essential to success.

· Describe pre-departure onboarding opportunities you would recommend to enhance the global experience. Onboarding examples may include the expatriate as well as family members.

· Describe ongoing training and development opportunities that are essential while on global assignments.

· Describe repatriation policies that will attract and retain global talent.

· Identify U.S. employment laws and ethical responsibilities to consider in staffing for global assignments.

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