A Legal and Ethical Dilemma


A Legal and Ethical Dilemma

4–6 page

Describe the legal and ethical dilemma discussed in the case study. Analyze the key ways in which a patient’s right to die relates to this specific case.

From your research, specify the potential repercussions for  failure to comply with the wishes of a patient who has requested to withhold a life-sustaining procedure. Next, take a position on whether  the patient’s right to die or the patient’s right to be protected from  harm should take precedence in this case. Provide a rationale for your  position.

Imagine that you are a part of the ethics committee investigating  this case. Determine the main facts pertaining to the issue that the  committee should consider. Suggest one step that the facility should  take next in order to resolve the dilemma. Provide a rationale for your  response.

least three quality academic resources.

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