NSG3EPN Engagement In Professional Nursing

This assignment is divided into 3 parts: 1. Reflect on how organisational structure and organisational culture can affect the safety of person-centred care delivery. 2. Reflect on the skills related to health information systems. 3. Develop awareness of the transition from students to registered nurses through critical self- reflection. You will be required to reflect upon your own clinical experience to date and to search for evidence from the literature to address questions regarding contemporary professional practice. This reflection follows the underlying principles of Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988) on description, analysis and action. You do not need to explain or follow the specific questions of the Gibb’s cycle in your work. As this is reflective writing, it is appropriate to use a first-person writing style. However, you should support your opinion and arguments with current (unless it is seminal work) and peer reviewed evidence from the literature, especially in the analysis section. Please submit your completed assessments through the Turnitin portal in Word format. Organizational structure and culture Rationale: As a graduate nurse, you may not always feel comfortable speaking up when there is a safety concern. It is important to reflect on systemic and personal factors that promote safety culture. Describe a time in your clinical placement as a student nurse where there was a safety concern. How was this dealt with? Were you or other nurses able to speak up for safety? Analyse what kind of organisational culture makes it possible for you to speak up? What kinds of structure or systems exist in a workplace that makes it possible for you to speak up? E.g. Melbourne Health’s Safety Culture Program, Mildura Based Hospital’s ‘Speaking up for safety’ (can be found in assessment resources folder). Reflect on what role you have as a graduate nurse in speaking up to promote a safety culture?

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