MGT3RPM Renumeration And Performance Management

Assessment Task 1 Individual Essay – Critical Thinking and Analysis For assignment 1, you are asked to compare and contrast two journal articles about performance management methods. You should structure your essay as a continuous piece of writing that consists of a brief introduction, main body of discussion and conclusion. You may use heading to separate the sections. Your argument and analysis should be supported by other literature on performance management. You must use at least 6 referred articles apart from the textbook and the articles you chosen for comparison. Task 1. You are required to read the two journal articles from the LMS Assessment Task 1 Section. 2. Discuss the similarities and differences between what the authors are claiming. 3. In your analysis you need to refer to additional articles that support or refute what the authors are claiming. 4. You are required to use the Academy of Management referencing style. A reference guide is available on LMS. Please remember that the University takes a very serious view with regard to plagiarism, and you are strongly advised to read the University’s policies on academic integrity at the following website: Please be aware that plagiarism is a form of serious academic misconduct and will be penalised accordingly. Plagiarism detection and prevention software (i.e., Turnitin) is used to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in written assignments (see Extensions will ONLY be given in documented cases of severe illness or emergency, and will be managed through the University Special Consideration process. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation (i.e., doctor’s certificate). Special Considerations should be submitted no more than three days before the due date and no more than three days after the due date. Please contact your Tutor or the Subject Coordinator if you require further information

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